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Has the Syrian Government Used Cluster Bombs Against the Anti-Assad Opposition?

An appreciative tip of the hat goes to Brown Moses for his smart, first-pass analysis of the possible (underline that word) use of air-delivered cluster munitions by Syrian government forces. He was fast out the gate with this one.

The embedded video and his take of it is here.  

The videos do suggest the possible use of an RBK canister containing AO-1 bomblets, just as Brown Moses writes. They also raise more questions than answers. We’ll get to some of those questions, very briefly, on David Goodman’s video review tomorrow on the NYT site.

Even with the uncertainty and caveats, this stands as a potential development worth tracking. Brown Moses gets points for an alert set of eyes and a careful mind. Bravo.


BOTTOM, a look at various Russian-made dispensers of cluster munitions. TOP, an AO-1, the submunition of primary interest in this discussion. British Ordnance Collectors Network.

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