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The U.S. Army issued the following news:

An unmanned ground vehicle makes its way across the field and suddenly slows, its sensors activated by a threat buried beneath the ground. A mechanical arm lowers, blades whirring and kicking up dirt as it searches for land mines and improvised explosive devices. A loud report and a shower of sparks fill the air as the threat is discharged.

The above scenario took place at Fort Benning, Ga., during the 2012 Robotics Rodeo held June 20-29. The event allowed manufacturers to showcase the latest robotics technology designed to defeat battlefield threats, especially IEDs. Robotics technology has been vital in allowing Soldiers and Marines to detect and defeat these devices from safe standoff distances during overseas contingency operations.

The Rodeo enables Maneuver Center of Excellence Soldiers to “test drive” the latest UGVs and offer feedback based on their recent deployment experiences.

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