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A sad reminder that an already marginalized community faces such a threat, photographer Andrew Youngson documents the struggle of the Bedouin living among the mines and UXO leftover in Egypt from World War II.

We have often written about the land mines that riddle Egypt’s desert. Originally planted during World War II by both Axis and Allied forces, these insidious weapons of war have since drifted from their original location, posing tremendous risk to local people.

Egyptian researchers strive to find safe methods to clear explosive mine fields and an Afghani designer built a bamboo minesweeper modeled after a childhood toy to keep his own people safe. But the desert is so remote and so vast that putting the scale of the problem into perspective can be challenging. These images by Andrew Youngson collected in a series called “The Devil’s Garden” do just that. 

Youngson says that the desert war was supposed to have been different from that fought in Europe. Civilians should have been spared the worst.  While that may have been the case throughout the conflict, in the seven decades since, the Bedouin population has had to confront the daily fear of accidentally treading on these hidden killers.

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