Center for International Stabilization & Recovery

CISR envisions a world where people can build peaceful and prosperous futures free from the repercussions of conflict and disaster.

We help communities affected by conflict and trauma through innovative and reliable research, training, information exchange, and direct services such as:

Mine Risk Education
Peer Support
Management Training
Scientific Research
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Just a reminder of why this work is necessary no matter how long the conflict has been over.

OLOVSKE LUKE, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — The last clothes that 6-year-old Tarik Bijelic wore hang on a line in his yard: a red “Miami” basketball jersey, a pair of gray pants, blue size 2 sneakers.

The blood has been washed off. But the jersey carries the mark of tragedy: a long incision between the “i” and the “a” where doctors tried to get to the boy’s shattered chest.

Tarik was hit by a land mine last week as he scavenged in the forest for firewood to help his family make ends meet.

He died in his father’s arms.

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