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This political cartoon requires no explanation beyond a very brief bit of context, for your orientation. It is a visual commentary on the recent decapitation of a young girl, apparently by shelling with high-explosive munitions, in the Syrian village of Kafar Ouaid in Idlib Province.

Still photographs and video of the child’s remains circulated on the Internet yesterday. Activists seethe at the scant outrage generated by such violence. Thus, what you see above.

The world has seen such attacks many times before, including recently, in other wars. Each time they are a reminder that for all of the attention given to high-profile weapon systems, most killing is done by the ordinary weapons of the battlefield, which, like this child’s death, parade past the public almost without notice.

[Update:  One account of this child’s death is that she was killed by a so-called “barrel bomb” dropped from a Syrian government aircraft. These weapons are improvised munitions, essentially barrels or tanks filled with explosives and metal scrap, with some sort of as yet-unidentified fuze to initiate the explosive train. Many reports indicate that they are dropped by helicopters. This attack is worth more research. -cjc

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