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Unsafe Handling, No. 1: The Artillery Round By the Shoe Pile.

This blog, in collaboration with a few friends and fellow arms researchers, will soon be adding substantially more information about safety in conflict zones, especially best practices related to encountering or researching ordnance and arms.

Several of us have felt that is a natural next step, ethically, in a field that has been expanding. We know that in our social-media age some people approach or handle potentially dangerous items intending then to send the photographs or video to others for identification. We hope to discourage such foolish and risky behaviors and to encourage smart documentation and research.

As we do so, we also hope to learn and to teach the little bit we manage to know. We’ll be pointing to examples good and bad, starting with the photo above, from last month in Syria. Bringing an unexploded artillery shell into your home is not a best practice. Nor is standing it upright in a highly trafficked area.

Funny? Not at all.


By the author. Last month. Outside Jisr al-Shughour.

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