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Flashback Friday! 

… to the 1998 American Landmine Survivor Demonstration at The White House—the country’s first and only American Landmine Survivor LSN-led protest at The White House that took place almost 16 years ago on October 1st wheBurkina Faso became the 40th Ottawa Treaty signatory, signaling entry into force of the treaty.

The march also encouraged U.S. government accession to the treaty. President Barack Obama, we are still waiting …

— with Ken Rutherford and Jerry White

CISR Promotes Disability Rights in Vietnam

In collaboration with Centre for International Stabilization and Recovery (CISR) and Hanoi Disable People Association (DP Hanoi), Association for Empowerment of Persons with Disability (AEPD) organized the workshop “Promoting the enforcement of the Vietnam National Law on Disability” (NDL). 

There were many participants who are Persons with Disabilities, or from Disability Organization, NGO members in Hanoi, Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA), Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (DOLISA), Department of Transport and Department of Public Health. Especially, Economic Officer Mr. Joe Narus from United States Embassy in Hanoi and CISR Director Mr. Rutherford Ken also took part in the workshop. This is an opportunity for participants to listen to authentic contributive ideas about implementing the national law on disability from the voice of MOLISA’s representatives as well as share the experiences in advocacy for people with disabilities (PwDs) from departments. 

Mr. Ken Rutherford shared personal experiences of his trauma overcome and how he has made to advocacy for Disability Law in the US. After that, CISR Communications Specialist Amy Crockett has presented on building a public campaign to improve awareness of community in implementation of NDL. Based on the contributive ideas, the participants actively discussed about the topics related to the difficulties that PwDs are facing with, such as the unhealthy situation of PwDs, unimproved awareness of PwDs’ family in supporting PwDs to take part in all the social activities. Besides, it is very necessary for PwDs to receive the supports from departments to access the information, capital resources, vocational trainings, especially appropriate policy. Based on the real demands of PwDs, participants have created miniature billboards by so lively messages and pictures that directly impacted on target audience’s awareness. 

On behalf of PwDs in the workshop, Mrs. Duong Thi Van shares her ideas “Via the workshop, we can speak out our desires about an equal life in every aspects”. In the forthcoming days, similar workshops will be organized in other provinces such as Quang Nam, Quang Binh in order to provide the community, especially government in all levels with the necessary information about NDL, as well as develop a network of organizations operating for the Rights of Disability nationwide, so as to promote the enforcement of Vietnam NDL.

In collaboration with Association for the Empowerment of People with Disabilities (AEPD) and Hanoi Disabled Peoples Organization (DP Hanoi), CISR helped execute a successful disability rights training today in Hanoi. Attendees included representatives from disabled people’s organizations from district levels in Hanoi, a representative from MOLISA and Economic Officer Joseph Narus from the U.S. Embassy-Hanoi, among others. CISR Director Dr. Ken Rutherford compared the CRPD and the National Disability Law. He shared personal experiences in terms of advocating for PWDs. CISR Communications Specialist Amy Crockett presented on building a public awareness campaign that can improve the livelihoods of persons with disabilities. Afterward, she led a group activity, in which participants created miniature billboards depicting important disability rights issues, such as access to public transportation. A major workshop highlight was when a local TV station stopped by to interview participants. A morning visit from five JMU study-abroad students added to the excitement. Thank you again to AEPD for hosting a great workshop!


The Diana Challenge

         ↳ Day 25 - First recollection of Diana you have

Diana visited Angola the week I turned twelve. The following Sunday, Brazilian TV showed her visit at great length, and I distinctly remember thinking how nice it was that a Princess was doing this sort of thing. I was aware of Diana’s existence before this trip, of course, but this was the first time I really paid attention to her. Cherished memories…

CISR Director Dr. Ken Rutherford will be speaking next week in Croatia on the background of international mine action and humanitarian demining.

Bridges Between Worlds Conference

April 3–4 | Medellín, Colombia

CISR attended the global conference last week on Assisting Landmine and Other Explosive Remnants of War Victims and Survivors in the Context of Disability Rights and Other Domains organized by the Implementation Support Unit for the Landmine Ban Convention.

CISR Director Dr. Ken Rutherford served as moderator of the panel “Ways and Means to Assist and Guarantee Rights: Removing Barriers.” The panelists included Gilles Delecourt (Handicap International), Richardo Becerra (Advisor on University Design for the Bogota Disability Technical Secretary), Megan Burke (ICBL and CMC), Steve Estey (former chairperson of Mines Action Canada) and Candria Goffin (Uganda National Action of Physical Disability). 

Rutherford also presented on the panel “Enhancing the Bridge Between Mine/ERW Victim Assistance and Approaches to Health Care and Psycho-social Support.”

CISR’s Dr. Ken Rutherford will be a moderator and panelist this week at the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention's Bridges Between Worlds Global Conference in Medellin, Colombia.

CISR visit to Arbat Refugee Camp, Sulaimaniyeh, Iraqi Kurdistan

CISR’s director, Dr. Ken Rutherford, and trauma rehabilitation specialist, Cameron Macauley, arrived this evening (February 28) in Iraq with a late-night walk about Erbil to shake off jet lag.

They are preparing for a scoping mission centered on unexploded ordnance and landmine-risk education for Syrian refugees in Northern Iraq based on a CISR arts-based program that includes survivors and people with disabilities


The Center for Unconventional Security Affairs (CUSA) at the University of California, Irvine has selected Dr. Ken Rutherford as the recipient of the 2013–2014 Human Security Award for his efforts to bring attention and assistance to individuals impacted by landmine and unexploded-ordnance contamination in post-conflict societies.

The Human Security Award is presented each year to an individual who distinguished themself as a proponent for the enablement and protection of the world’s most vulnerable communities. In addition to accepting the award and an honorarium of $750, Rutherford will deliver a keynote speech at CUSA’s 2013–2014 Human Security Award Ceremony, which is scheduled to take place in May 2014.