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CISR in Sudan 2012: Six shots, one visa

Confidential to all: I am afraid of shots, heights, flying, large bodies of water and cats. With the exception of that last item, I’m going to have to confront all of these Tuesday for my trip to the Republic of South Sudan.

I mentioned in a previous post the excitement of visiting the world’s newest country and CISR’s colleagues and friends there. Unfortunately, we only received our passports/visas for travel to South Sudan, so some quick changes to our itinerary are in order. We’ll depart Tuesday, 20 March and have more time for field visits with Mines Advisory Group, Norwegian People’s Aid, the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action (FSD) and local partners.

Maybe the pure excitement of travel and not my crippling fear of needles had me in a cold sweat last week at the local Department of Health. Instead of getting the one immunization for which I had come (yellow fever), the nurse gave me two additional shots (polio and meningitis). Her suggestion of a fourth (influenza) was a non-starter; I’ll take my chances with that one.

In all, I’ve had six immunizations over two doctors’ visits and a typhoid vaccination protocol that came (mercifully) in pill form. I also have a baggie of malaria pills to take (daily, with milk or food) beginning two days prior to departure and continuing a week after we return.  The tedious rules about vaccinations (yellow fever at least 10 days before departure but not with the typhoid protocol, which takes seven days total) and anxiety over travel notwithstanding, we’re pretty much going to have the time of our lives.

As for my fear of cats, it’s still early.  We may always see some lions.

Happy trails,


Geary Cox II (’06, ’08M, ’15P) is project manager and program coordinator at CISR. He joined the staff as an Editorial Assistant to the Journal of ERW and Mine Action in March 2005. He holds a Master of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Arts in English and political science, both from James Madison University. He is pursuing his doctorate in nonprofit leadership at JMU’s School of Strategic Leadership